Upcoming Presentations Jan.-Feb. 2018


10th: Sarah Kay Bierle, “Then Christmas Came: The Justification & Condemnation of War in 1862,” Inland Empire Civil War Round Table, Redlands, CA

18th: Dwight Hughes, “Rebel Odyssey: The Cruise of the C.S.S. Shenandoah,” Athenaeum Civil War Authors Series, Alexandria, VA, 7:00 p.m.


10th: Sarah Kay Bierle, Civilian Living History Presentations, Lincoln Memorial Shrine, Redlands, CA

10th: Daniel T. Davis, “Lincoln Reviews the Mounted Arm: A Forgotten Chapter in the Development of the Union Cavalry”, Sons of Union Veterans Irish Brigade Camp, Fredericksburg, VA

14th-17th: Dwight Hughes, “The Naval Civil War in Theaters Near and Far”,  11th Maritime Heritage Conference, New Orleans, LA

22nd: Sarah Kay Bierle, TBD, Interfaith Senior Community, San Marcos, CA

26th: Sarah Kay Bierle, “From California to Gettysburg: The Hancock Family,” Temecula Valley Historical Society, Temecula, CA