Week In Review: August 6-12, 2018

We hope all symposium attendees have returned safely home (or are enjoying an extended trip to visit other historical sites!). Here at Emerging Civil War, we’ve spent the week wrapping up the aftermath of the event…but that doesn’t mean it’s been a slow week on the blog.

You’ll find a couple sets of two-part articles, a post from a new guest author, and other writings of interest in our Week in Review…

Monday, August 6:

Question of the Week offered a chance to add your voice the symposium topic.

Part 1 of Meg Groeling’s posts about the California Historical Artillery Society.

Tuesday, August 7:

Guest author Nathan Marzoli shared his research about “lukewarm patriots” and details from pension files.

Part 2 of Meg Groeling’s post about the California Historical Artillery Society.

Wednesday, August 8:

Derek Maxfield wrote about Major Robert McDowell and making maps through the Carolinas (Part 1).

Kevin Pawlak offered follow-up thoughts to the symposium, asking if leading from the front was really a bad idea.

Thursday, August 9:

Derek Maxfield’s second post about Major Robert McDowell and making maps through the Carolinas (Part 2).

A re-cap of all the Facebook LIVE videos recording during the 5th ECW Symposium – with links!

Friday, August 10:

ECW Correspondent Katherine Duffek reported details of Vicksburg NMP’s decision to bring black powder demonstrations back to the site.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote the ECW Weekender, sharing about Edinburg Mill in the Shenandoah Valley.

Saturday, August 11:

Preservation News focused on a recent preservation conference hosted by Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation.

Week In Review: July 30-August 5, 2018

Monday, July 30

Question of the Week invited sharing of favorite places to eat near Civil War battlefields.

A reminder that traffic can cause delays when traveling to Stevenson’s Ridge for the Symposium.

Tuesday, July 31

Sarah Kay Bierle shared a humorous account about boys, a cannon, a millpond, and ironclad models.

Bert Dunkerly wrote about Richmond’s Civil War hospitals.

Wednesday, August 1

Part 1 of guest author Rob Wilson’s research about sharpshooters at Chancellorsville.

Drew Gruber shared touring notes for Abingdon, Virginia. 

Thursday, August 2

Part 2 of guest author Rob Wilson’s studies about the sharpshooters at Chancellorsville.

We welcomed our newest member – Paige Gibbons Backus!

Friday, August 3

Dwight Hughes wrote about the Monitor’s turret.

It’s Symposium time at Stevenson Ridge…

Steward Henderson posted notes about historic sites of interest to visit in Fredericksburg, Virginia for an ECW Weekender post.

Saturday, August 4

The ECW Symposium does Facebook Live – read all about it!

Emerging Civil War announced and released the new podcast.

Week In Review: July 23-29, 2018

We’re in the final countdown for our 2018 Symposium at Stevenson’s Ridge. Less than a week now! And we’ve managed to keep lively content on the blog. Take a look at the articles in our traditional “week in review.”

Monday, July 23:

Question of the Week expanded the horizons, asking for your interests about European responses to the American Civil War.

Guest author Steve T. Phan shared about his experiences while teaching through living history. 

Tuesday, July 24:

Chris Mackowski posted about a runaway slave ad which he recently discovered in an archive of Virginia newspapers.

Wednesday, July 25:

ECW Correspondent Katherine Duffek reported on Central Virginia Battlefield Trust’s Fredericksburg History and Biography journal.

Thursday, July 26:

Kevin Pawlak shared a letter from the National Archives, written by Lieutenant Edward Williston about his artillery unit at Antietam.

ECW’s July Newsletter is now available!

Friday, July 27:

Chris Mackowski shared another archival find and mused on kindness.

ECW Weekender written by Meg Groeling highlights photos and details from the site of California’s famous duel.

Saturday, July 28:

Preservation News celebrates new victories by the Central Virginia Battlefield Trust.

Sunday, July 29:

Drew Gruber shared about historic sites to see and yummy food in Kinston, North Carolina.

Week In Review: July 15-21, 2018

This week we had some very exciting news: our 2018 Symposium is sold out! We are looking forward to seeing all our registered guests on the first weekend of August.

It was also a good week on the blog with more reports from American Battlefield Trust’s Teacher Institute, some summer posts about baseball, and other historical accounts and happenings.

Check it out:

Sunday, July 15:

In the evening, a feature post about Phill Greenwalt’s presentation on George Washington at Teacher Institute.

Monday, July 16:

Question of the Week asked readers to share areas of Civil War history that have been overlooked.

Meg Groeling shared Part 1 of a two-part article about Jack Wildey and Baseball.

Tuesday, July 17:

Meg Groeling’s concluded her research posts on Baseball with Part 2. 

Chris Kolakowski wrote about General McCook at the Czar.

Details about Kris White’s workshop at Teacher Institute on teaching through the Turning Points book.

Wednesday, July 18:

Sarah Kay Bierle reviewed a new stage play about Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley.

Chris Mackowski reported on a presentation at Teacher Institute about the U.S. Constitution and the Framers.

Thursday, July 19:

Chris Mackowski shared details from Teacher Institute about teaching history more effectively. 

Announcement: the 2018 Symposium is sold out!

Friday, July 20:

Sean M. Chick wrote about General Polk’s grave in New Orleans.

ECW Weekender focused on a collector’s show hosted by Kennesaw State University.

Re-cap of the Teacher Institute and a listing of all the posts from about the 2018 event.

Saturday, July 21:

Preservation News focused on recent restoration of Stone Bridge at Manassas National Battlefield.

Chris Mackowski shared about his day at Manassas National Battlefield with other historians on the 1861’s fight anniversary.

Week In Review: July 9-15, 2018

Hope you are all staying cool! Several of the Emerging Civil War members have been leading tours and lecturing this week.

Monday, July 9:

Question of the Week offered a chance to share what you’re reading this summer.

Guest author Kristen M. Pawlak shared about General John S. Bowen and the surrender at Vicksburg.

Ryan Quint wrote about the aftermath of the Battle of Monocacy.

Tuesday, July 10:

Guest author Neil P. Chatelain discussed the end of slavery in Indian Territories after the 13th Amendment.

Wednesday, July 11:

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about the fate of horses and mules during Gettysburg’s aftermath.

Thursday, July 12:

Dwight Hughes added Part 2 of his research about the Mississippi River Squadron.

Chris Mackowski began reporting from the American Battlefield Trust’s Teacher Institute. 

Highlights from Kris White’s lecture about the American wars.

Friday, July 13:

A report on Garry Adelman’s “photo extravaganza” at the Teacher Institute.

ECW Weekender post highlighting the upcoming event, featuring camels at Vicksburg!

Dan Welch taught ways to incorporate musical selections in history studies at the Teacher Institute.

Saturday, July 14:

Preservation News shared an Eagle Scout’s project to restore part of Chancellorsville Battlefield.

Chris Mackowski shared more news and photos from Philadelphia and the Teacher Institute.

Save the date and register for the ECW Pop-Up Tour next weekend at Antietam!

Week In Review: July 1-8, 2018

Early in the week, the blog experienced some technical and security challenges, resulting in less content than usual on some days. Still, there was plenty of “food for thought” on the blog, and we hope you’ll enjoy the sampling!

Sunday, July 1:

In the evening, we shared the upcoming events and presentations on our members’ calendars for July and August.

Monday, July 2:

Question of the Week offered a chance to evaluate leadership at Gettysburg.

Frank Jastrzembski posted an interview with actor Patrick Gorman who portrayed General John B. Hood in the movie Gettysburg.

Chris Mackowski shared some thoughts and photos about the first real shot markers.

Tuesday, July 3:

From his recent travels to South Carolina, Chris Mackowski posted photos and history about the secession convention at Charleston’s Institute Hall.

Wednesday, July 4:

ECW wished everyone a “Happy Independence Day!” with a holiday card and Gettysburg quote.

Kevin Pawlak wrote about Mosby Rangers raiding on Fourth of July and discovering…a cake!

Thursday, July 5:

Chris Mackowski reviewed the book Texans at Antietam.

Friday, July 6:

Caroline Davis posted about Herman Melville and his poetic interpretations of the memorable Confederate charge at Gettysburg.

ECW shared a few locations to visit “Off The Beaten Path” at Gettysburg in a Weekender Post.

Saturday, July 7:

Preservation News shared by Shenandoah Battlefield Foundation

Exciting Preservation News at Spotsylvania Battlefield!