Week In Review: June 11-17, 2018

It’s been a full schedule on the blog this week. We’ve welcomed back several guest authors and the Artillery Blog Series is in full swing.

Happy Father’s Day, and we hope you had a great week, too!

Monday, June 11:

We started with our Question of the Week – this time a very popular, artillery-themed question!

Artillery: Ryan Quint shared about Alfred Mordecai, the Napoleon, and Changing Artillery

Tuesday, June 12:

Artillery: Frank Jastrzembski wrote about General Davis Tillson

Derek Maxfield shared about his recent visit to Cave Hill Cemetery and his research on General Lovell Rousseau

Wednesday, June 13:

Announcement about an event at Ellwood Manor, focusing on Civil War Medicine.

Artillery: Dave Powell discussed cannons at Chickamauga.

Edward Alexander explored the problems with using quotes.

Thursday, June 14:

Artillery: Chris Kolakowski related the importance of artillery at the Battle of Stones River.

Guest author Andrew Miller announced his arrival in Vicksburg!

In honor of Flag Day, we shared some Star-Spangled Banner related poetry from the ECW archives.

Friday, June 15:

Artillery: A list of more resources and websites to check-out to find even more details about Civil War cannons!

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about Herman Haupt and his efforts to reopen the rail line to Gettysburg immediately after the battle.

Saturday, June 16:

Guest author Jon-Erik Gilot shared about Private Luke Quinn, an unlikely celebrity at Harpers Ferry.

Artillery: A post from the ECW archives, featuring an artillery line off the beaten path at Gettysburg.

The 2018 Symposium schedule is now available.

Sunday, June 17: 

Father’s Day musings and links to a few articles about dads during the Civil War.

Week In Review: June 4-10

It’s been a good week on ECW blog with some event reports and battle anniversary posts, in addition to the routine Question of the Week and Symposium Spotlight. We’ve kicked off our new blog series which is all about artillery.

Here’s a run-down of the past week at ECW: 

Monday, June 4:

Question of the Week focused on tactics at Cold Harbor.

A list of upcoming events and presentations by ECW members to keep you informed and offer listings in case we’ll be in your neighborhood.

Dwight Hughes shared Part 1 of a study on the Mississippi River Squadron as part of a look at the history of the Siege of Vicksburg on its 155th anniversary.

Tuesday, June 5:

A report from the West Coast with details of Gazette665’s Third Annual Civil War History Conference which Daniel T. Davis and Sarah Kay Bierle attended and presented lectures.

Wednesday, June 6:

Our Symposium Spotlight focused on Edward Alexander and his upcoming presentation on Grant Crossing The James.

An interview with author Jay Jorgensen by an ECW correspondent.

Sarah Kay Bierle’s review of Masterpiece’s TV series Little Women, with a perspective on the Civil War influences in the new production.

Thursday, June 7:

Edward Alexander offered research on the 9th Illinois Cavalry and practical emancipation.

Friday, June 8:

We welcomed our new member, Sean M. Chick, with an introductory blog post.

Our newest blog series Artillery: Battle’s Thunderous Roar began.

Saturday, June 9:

Sean M. Chick shared his first post as an ECW Member and it’s a biography of a Confederate artilleryman and architect.

Chris Mackowski shared a primary source related to the Siege of Vicksburg

Sunday, June 10: 

We started the day with an artillery post: battlefield photography from the archives, focusing on battlefield cannons.

ECW Week in Review May 28-June 2

Week in Review-header

We finished off one of our best months ever, readership-wise, this past week, and then finished off the week with some big news from the American Battlefield Trust. So, it would be fair to characterize this week as “BIG.”

Here’s a run-down of the past week at ECW: 

Monday, May 28:

For our Question of the Week, we asked people to talk about a favorite soldier or sailor who deserved special attention for Memorial Day.

We also posted a last call for the Southern California Civil War Conference sponsored by our friends at Gazaette 665 and run by our own Sarah Bierle. ECW’s Dan Davis was one of the speakers.

Tuesday, May 29:

Memorial Day in Rural Maine by Chris Mackowski

ECW released its May 2018 newsletter

Wednesday, May 30:

Our Symposium Spotlight for the week shone on Jim Morgan, who’ll be speaking about the fallout from the battle of Ball’s Bluff and the creation of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War.

The First Decoration Day by Chris Kolakowski

Thursday, May 31:

We shared some info about a new research resource from our friends at Savas Beatie, a four-volume roster of Georgia Infantry Regiments 

The Wrongheaded Righteousness of Spray Paint by Chris Mackowski

Friday, June 1:

ECW Weekender: Cold Harbor Battlefield Park by Edward Alexander

Saturday, June 2:

Preservation News: American Battlefield Trust Reaches Major Milestone

ECW Week in Review May 20-27

We’ve had another busy week at Emerging Civil War. Our authors continue to produce great content as we approach Memorial Day and have an opportunity to ponder the sacrifices made for our freedoms. Due to recent weather, we were forced to reschedule our pop up tour for May 26 to July 22. You may sign up for the tour by making a donation here. Spaces also remain available for our August Symposium. You may register by clicking here. You may click on the links below to read each post.

Dan Vermilya, the author of the most recent release in the Emerging Civil War Series, That Field of Blood: The Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862, was interviewed by ECW Correspondent Sean Youngs.

Speaking of books, our friend Don Pfanz held a book signing for his recent book, Where Valor Proudly Sleeps, on May 26 for the annual Luminaria at the Fredericksburg National Cemetery.

Chris Kolakowski shared news regarding a newly launched National Park Service website.

Caroline Davis shared a poem related to the death of Stonewall Jackson.

Edward Alexander discussed recent scholarship on the Petersburg Campaign.

Kevin Pawlak discussed the court martial of Alfred Ransom Courtney.

This week’s Symposium Spotlight focused on Rea Redd.

Chris Mackowski shared an image from Ellwood on the Wilderness battlefield.

Todd Arrington remembered Medal of Honor recipient William Carney.

Meg Groeling observed the anniversary of the death of Elmer Ellsworth.

Sarah Bierle shared an ECW Weekender from New Market, Virginia.

We also welcomed guest authors Andrew Miller and Dan Wambaugh.

ECW Week in Review May 13-20

It has been another incredible week here at Emerging Civil War. Once again, we partnered with our great friends at the American Battlefield Trust for Facebook Live Events for the 155th Anniversary of the Vicksburg Campaign. We are also one weekend away from our first ever pop up tour at Antietam (you may click here for more information and here to register). Spots also remain available for our Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium (you may click here to reserve your space). You may click on the links below to read each post.

Chris Mackowski joined our friends at the American Battlefield Trust for the 155th Anniversary of the Vicksburg Campaign Facebook Live Events. He shared his experiences in a series on ECW. You may catch up on the entire series here and by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Older Posts”.

This week’s Symposium Spotlight was on Bert Dunkerly.

Meg Groeling interviewed author Alexander Rossino.

Dan Davis discussed Jeb Stuart and the reorganization of the Army of Northern Virginia after Chancellorsville.

We also welcomed back guest author Sean Michael Chick and guest author James Epperson.


ECW Week in Review May 6-May 13

We’ve had another great week here at Emerging Civil War. Once again, we partnered with our friends at the American Battlefield Trust, National Park Service and Friends of the Wilderness Battlefield to commemorate the 155th Anniversary of the Death of “Stonewall Jackson in several Facebook Live events.  If you missed any of our events for the 155th Anniversary of Chancellorsville, you can catch up on it here. The Trust also had some big news that broke earlier in the week. The latest release in the Emerging Civil War Series, Dan Vermilyas’s That Field of Blood: The Battle of Antietam was released. Spots remain available for the Fifth Annual ECW Symposium in August (you may click here to purchase tickets) as well as for our first pop-up tour of Antietam (you may click here to reserve your spot). You may click on the links below to read each post.

Chris Mackowski visited the intersection of the Brock and Orange Plank Roads in the Wilderness, shared an anecdote on Abraham Lincoln, an account from the 32nd Maine Infantry, remembered John Sedgwick, shared his thoughts on finding new Civil War ancestors, visited the Bloody Angle, and is preparing for Facebook Live with the American Battlefield Trust at Vicksburg next week.

Sarah Bierle observed Mother’s Day with a story from Gettysburg.

Kelly Mezurek wrote about her latest research ventures.

This week’s Symposium Spotlight was on ECW Chief Historian, Chris Kolakowski.

We featured an interview with Kevin Pawlak, one of our pop up tour guides for Antietam.

Bert Dunkerly contributed to our latest installment of the ECW Weekender.

Frank Jastrzembski wrote about Henry Heth.