Week In Review: July 9-15, 2018

Hope you are all staying cool! Several of the Emerging Civil War members have been leading tours and lecturing this week.

Monday, July 9:

Question of the Week offered a chance to share what you’re reading this summer.

Guest author Kristen M. Pawlak shared about General John S. Bowen and the surrender at Vicksburg.

Ryan Quint wrote about the aftermath of the Battle of Monocacy.

Tuesday, July 10:

Guest author Neil P. Chatelain discussed the end of slavery in Indian Territories after the 13th Amendment.

Wednesday, July 11:

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about the fate of horses and mules during Gettysburg’s aftermath.

Thursday, July 12:

Dwight Hughes added Part 2 of his research about the Mississippi River Squadron.

Chris Mackowski began reporting from the American Battlefield Trust’s Teacher Institute. 

Highlights from Kris White’s lecture about the American wars.

Friday, July 13:

A report on Garry Adelman’s “photo extravaganza” at the Teacher Institute.

ECW Weekender post highlighting the upcoming event, featuring camels at Vicksburg!

Dan Welch taught ways to incorporate musical selections in history studies at the Teacher Institute.

Saturday, July 14:

Preservation News shared an Eagle Scout’s project to restore part of Chancellorsville Battlefield.

Chris Mackowski shared more news and photos from Philadelphia and the Teacher Institute.

Save the date and register for the ECW Pop-Up Tour next weekend at Antietam!

ECW Pop-Up Tour: Hartsuff’s Brigade at Antietam

George Hartsuff

Get ready! Sunday, July 22, 2018, is the date for an ECW Pop-Up Tour at Antietam. Register and grab some water and walking shoes and come join Kevin Pawlak and Dan Welch for a special tour.

What: A caravan tour focusing on the actions of George Hartusff’s Union brigade in the Battle of Antietam. After walking through the brigade’s actions on September 17, 1862, participants will also visit the site of one of Antietam’s largest hospitals as well as Antietam National Cemetery, the final resting place of some of the members of Hartsuff’s brigade.

Where: The tour will begin at the New York State Monument located adjacent to the Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Center and end at Antietam National Cemetery.

Who: Joseph Hooker’s 1st Army Corps opened the fighting for the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Antietam. During its one-and-one-half hour fight through and around a 24-acre cornfield, none of its brigades suffered more casualties than that of George Hartsuff. This brigade–comprising Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers, and Massachusetts men–held its position around the cornfield for only a brief time before being compelled to fall back. Explore one piece of the fighting in the cornfield through the eyes of this brigade that experienced some of Antietam’s most vicious minutes.

When: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm, Sunday, July 22, 2018

How: It’s $20 for this special tour. You can register below and pay securely with PayPal which accepts all major credit cards.

ECW Pop-Up Tour: Hartsuff at Antietam

First & Last Name

Preservation News: Stonewall Brigade Tract Gets Eagle Scout Attention

It’s so inspiring to see young folks involved in battlefield preservation work. Check-out this highlight from Central Virginia Battlefields Trust‘s Summer Newsletter:

Aspiring Eagle Scout Gabriel Hupp joined up with CVBT to see what he could do to help
his local battlefield. Upon hearing that the Stonewall Brigade Tract at Chancellorsville
needed some well-deserved maintenance, Mr. Hupp sprang into action. He organized more than a dozen youth and adult volunteers to help with the project, which he personally fundraised. Over the course of two days, they performed a number of
much-needed tasks, beginning with the deconstructionof 150 feet of anachronistic
barbed wire fence where the property fronts Route 3.

The stretch was replaced with period-correct post-andrail fencing. Each post required
its own three-foot hole, accomplished via a handheld auger. After accomplishing this backbreaking work, Mr. Hupp constructed two wooden bench-style picnic tables and cleared the grounds of deadfall debris.

The Stonewall Brigade Tract, as a result of these attentions, appears very well maintained and will serve as a memento of Mr. Hupp’s dedication to the battlefield. CVBT  congratulates him on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout and wishes him the best as he graduates high school.

ECW Weekender: Camels at Vicksburg National Military Park!

Come on out and join the Texas Camel Corps on July 21, 2018! This special event is being held at Vicksburg National Military Park once again, highlighting a unique aspect of the western theater of the Civil War: camels!

Confederate President Jefferson Davis had – first as a United States senator, then as Secretary of War – advocated for the usage of camels as pack animals in the southwestern territories before the Civil War. United States Naval Lieutenant David Dixon Porter was ordered to the Mediterranean Sea as part of the procurement and transportation of these experimental animals. Even Robert E. Lee, as the command of the Department of Texas prior to the war, had been involved in ordering reconnaissance by camels against Apache tribes.

Finding his way to Mississippi, “Old Douglas” was a gift to Colonel William M. Moore of the 43rd Mississippi Infantry. Used to carry the regimental bands instruments and baggage, Douglas the camel was also know to spook horses otherwise not used to seeing such animals. Just prior to the Second Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, “Old Douglas” caused a stampede with quickly escalated into a full on panic with the brigade near Iuka. All of these stories and other fascinating history will be shared at this upcoming event!

Camels at Vicksburg (Photo from VNMP Facebook Event Page)

This wonderful opportunity will be available as a free program on July 21, 2018, at 10AM and 2PM located at the old superintendent’s quarters within the park boundaries. Visitors looking for directional information can stop inside the park’s visitor center for details and procure a park brochure with map. Normal entrance fees apply at $20 per vehicle (valid for 7 days). Vicksburg National Military Park gates open at 8:00AM and close at 5:00PM CST.

Facebook Event Page

Vicksburg National Military Park